Aluminum Extrusion Heat Sink (Above width 200mm)

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47 Years of Professional Aluminum Extrusion Heat Sink (Above width 200mm) Manufacturing | ShunTeh

Based in Taiwan, ShunTeh Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd. is a Aluminum Extrusion Heat Sink (Above width 200mm) supplier and manufacturer.

ShunTeh's aluminum heat sink meets RoHS 2.0 and REACH standards, Accumulated Failure Rate (AFR) < 0.2%, ERP system and ISO certified. The 5,000 square meters production plant with manufacture of moulds, aluminum extrusion cutting, CNC process, punching machine, milling machine, drilling and tapping machine, abrasive finishing equipment, ultrasonic clean, assembly line, quality check and packing.

ShunTeh has been offering customers high-quality aluminum heat sink since 1972, both with advanced technology and 43 years of experience, ShunTeh ensures each customer's demands are met.

Aluminum Extrusion Heat Sink (Above width 200mm)

Aluminum Extrusion Heat Sink (Above width 200mm)
Aluminum Extrusion Heat Sink (Above width 200mm)

This series is bigger than general heat sink or radiator, aluminum extrusion material width is bigger than 200mm. This product can be used in power supply industry, solar system industry, frequency industrial products, electronic equipment, etc.
We have various methods to customize heat sink for your special request. Good quality aluminum material and professional skills, we're glad to work with you.
If you don't find out the suitable heat sink, please send inquiry to us, we will contact with you ASAP.

  • Aluminum Extruded Heat Sink-big size
    Aluminum Extruded Heat Sink-big size

    Normal extruded heat sink, above 200mm width, we can machine it according to your request.

  • Aluminum Insert fin Heat Sink-elevator use
    Aluminum Insert fin Heat Sink-elevator use

    We broke the limit of traditional heat sink fins. Through the improvement of process technical, we can flexibly increase the width and height to solve the heat sink fin is too wide and too thick problem. Provide customers with a wider selection of heat sinks. Applicable industries such as: UPS uninterruptible power system, elevator equipment, large-scale inverter equipment, all kinds of large-scale equipment, etc., can be processed according to customer's drawing design, good heat dissipation effect, bringing new style to traditional heat sink change.

  • Aluminum Laminated Heat Sink-customize
    Aluminum Laminated Heat Sink-customize

    For special industries, Shun Teh can break through the traditional heat sink width limit without the additional mold cost of aluminum extrusion. Base on the aluminum extrusion and the patented method and the special aluminum extrusion structure to combined with large and large size heat dissipation fins. Widely praised by the large equipment industry. Application industries such as, train equipment, large transformer equipment, large-scale substation equipment, large-scale inverter equipment.